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Effortless entertaining – Whip up our raspberry dessert of dreams this summer!

This luxurious, yet easy raspberry Eton Mess dessert is a sure-fire contender to become our new favourite recipe for the summer and beyond! Inspired by sunny days in the garden and getting together with friends when all you want is something easy to delight everyone’s sweet tooth.

Time to channel your inner Jamie, Mary or Nigella, grab your electric whisk and whip up a storm! 

You will need:

10g freeze-dried raspberries

120g heavy whipping cream

1 tsp sugar, granulated or powdered

White Chocolate & Raspberry Meringue Bites

Punnet of raspberries

White chocolate buttons or pieces

Method (serves 2-3):

1. Grab a glass bowl, beaters, and the whipping cream and chill in the refrigerator until very cold.

2. Crush the freeze dried raspberries into a powder using a mini food chopper or by placing them in a zip-top bag and pounding them with a mallet or rolling pin.

3. Place crushed the raspberries, whipping cream, and sugar in the glass bowl and beat on medium speed until stiff peaks form.

4. To serve, dollop the cream into a bowl and add your White Chocolate & Raspberry Meringue Bites, sprinkle with your fresh raspberries and some white chocolate yumminess. Serve immediately and tuck in!

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Raspberry & White Chocolate Cocktail
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