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Our Under 100 Calorie Meringue Bar – 5 Ways

There are lots of reasons why our Meringue Bars should be your go to snack of choice. Not only great tasting but also made using better, naturally grown ingredients. No additives, no E-numbers, just all-natural deliciousness! There’s also plenty of ways to enjoy our award winning sweet snack too! Want to try for yourself? Shop yours here.

Simple pick-me-upsnacking

With your morning coffee, on the go – forget that bar of chocolate, we’ll get you through that 3pm slump!

Image by Pamela Higgins

Pep up your porridge

An exclusive treat for the weekend or add a punch to your weekday breakfast bowl with a different flavour crumbled on top, Monday to Friday!

A light, low calorie dessert

Crumble a bar or two with some fruit and a big dollop of low fat yogurt or ice cream. Imitate a Eton mess with our Raspberry Meringue Bar and fresh raspberries or strawberries – yum!

Meringue Bar Sandwich

Step up your pudding game with a low calorie Meringue Bar sarnie! Our favourite choice of filling is a generous slather of chocolate hazelnut spread between two Praline Meringue Bars.

Shake things up – top your hot chocs and freakshakes

Step aside marshmallows! No hot chocolate is complete without a dollop of cream topped with shards of Meringue Bar for that ultimate Instagrammable drink.

Got an idea of your own? We’d love to hear! Say hello on social media @FlowerAndWhite

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