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Meringue Drops - Rainbow Fruit

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Meringue Drops - Rainbow Fruit


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Diddy, dainty and dynamite. Expect an explosion of colour and flavour from our Meringue Drops. Only the finest quality ingredients - free range eggs and natural flavours - are used to create our handcrafted Meringue Drops, which are Swiss-baked to perfection. A tempting alternative for snacking, desserts, gifts or even cake toppers. Question is, will you be able to resist eating them all in one sitting?!

Meringue Drops - Rainbow Fruit (Strawberry, Lemon, Passion Fruit, Black Cherry). GREAT TASTE AWARD WINNER 1* 2018 (Passion Fruit).

Fat Free. Suitable for Vegetarians. 100g

Ingredients : Caster sugar, pasteurised free range EGG white. Black Cherry : natural flavouring, colour [water, *carmoisine, Green S). Lemon : Natural flavouring, colour [water, *tartrazine]. Passion Fruit : natural flavouring, colour [water, *tartrazine, *sunset yellow, *ponceau 4R]. Strawberry : natural flavouring, colour [water, *carmoisine, *tartrazine]. Allergens : EGG. May contain traces of nuts. *May have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children.

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