The Clever Fruity Mallow Bar

The Clever Fruity Mallow Bar

It’s an exciting new chapter in Flower & White’s mission to create the best light yet indulgent snacks. Introducing our brand new fruity mallow range! A deliciously light and squidgy bar made with real fruit and completely vegetarian.

Treat yourself lighter with our game changing mallow based snacks in two moreish, smoothie inspired flavours; strawberry and banana and Mango and Passion Fruit. AVAILABLE TO BUY NOW IN TESCO! They truly hit that sweet spot!


Our fruity mallow bar not only tastes amazing, but it has been lovingly crafted to include a whole host of health benefits we think you you’re going to love:

Made with natural flavours and colours

100% Vegetarian (most mallow is made with gelatine)

Under 60 cals

Low fat

30% less sugar

High in fibre

15 vitamins

Gluten free

Wrapped in paper recyclable packaging

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