Insane Eton Mess Rocky Road Recipe

Insane Eton Mess Rocky Road Recipe

You will need:

500g White chocolate

200g Butter

100g Shortbread/ digestive biscuits broken up

75g Marshmallows gelatine free if serving to vegetarians, we use Freedom Mallows

2 x Eton Mess Meringue bars broken up


To decorate

2 tbsp Freeze dried strawberries




1. Line an 8″ square tin with baking paper. We grease the tin first with a little butter to help the paper stick to it.


2. Prepare a mixing bowl filled with the broken up biscuits, the marshmallows and the broken up meringue.  Reserve a handful of the marshmallows and some of the meringue bar for decorating.

3. Put the butter and white chocolate in a pan and melt together on a low heat, stirring together as it melts.

4. Once it’s fully melted and combined, take the pan off the heat.

5. Pour almost all of the chocolate mixture into the mixing bowl of biscuits and meringue etc. and stir to fully coat the fillings with chocolate.

6. Pour the whole lot into the lined tin, smooth down then add the remaining chocolate mixture to fill in any gaps.

7. Decorate the top with the reserved meringue and marshmallows, and the freeze dried strawberries.

8. Put in the fridge overnight, or for 3-4 hours to set.

9. Remove from the tin and slice into pieces. Store in the fridge for a firmer texture, or in a cool place for a softer texture.

10. If you store the rocky road in an airtight container it can be kept for 1 – 2 weeks, and up to 3 weeks in the fridge.