Spooctacular Chocolate Apple Recipe

Spooctacular Chocolate Apple Recipe

Things are getting a little spooky here at Flower & White HQ with this ghostly, gourmet chocolate apple recipe. A fun Halloween activity for the whole family. Let your creativity flow with your favourite chocolate, toppings and colours!

Thank you to our Sales & Marketing Exec, Erin for this devilishly delicious recipe!


1. Prepare your apples by washing and drying them and removing the stems.


2. For full chocolate apples, tap the sticks into the top of your apple where the stem used to be. For chocolate apple lollipops, slice your apple into three strips and tap your stick into the top of the apple to resemble a lollipop.


3. Prepare a sheet of greaseproof paper on top of a plate, in preparation for the covered apples.


4. Melt 100g of both chocolates in separate bowls over a hot water bath, continuously stirring until fully melted.


5. Dip your apples and lollipops into the melted chocolate until fully covered. We did a mixture of white chocolate and milk chocolate apples.


6. Once chocolate-covered, stand the whole apples up on the greaseproof paper, with the stick pointing up. For the lollipops, lie the chocolate-covered apples on their flat side.


7. Leave until the chocolate has fully set around the apples.


8. It’s decorating time! Melt the remaining chocolate and get creative. We coloured some of the white chocolate purple and orange and got drizzling.


9. For the mini meringue ghosts, we dotted melted milk chocolate eyes on the mini meringues found in our Eton Mess pouches. Use some more chocolate and stick these onto the apples.


10. For our mini meringue spiders, dot on some chocolate eyes and stick onto your apple. Draw 8 little legs with your coloured chocolate to complete the look.


11. Why not crush up some of our Meringue Bites and sprinkle onto the melted chocolate drizzle to create a prickly apple? – capable of spooking away any ghouls this Halloween!!


How creative can you be? Tag us in your own spooky creations on social @FlowerAndWhite – we love to see them!