You need to try these Gingerbread Rice Krispie Treats

You need to try these Gingerbread Rice Krispie Treats

You’ve probably tried rice krispie treats before, but here’s a Christmassy alternative sure to get you into the festive spirit! Super easy, no baking needed, perfect for lunchboxes and 3pm pick-me-ups.


You will need:

25g / 4 cups rice krispie cereal

1 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp ginger

1 tsp mixed spice

250g / 1 cup almond butter

170g / 1/2 cup honey (or maple syrup) 

3 tbsp molasses

1 tsp vanilla

2 Flower & White Salted Caramel Meringue Bars

100g White Chocolate



1. Line a 9×9 pan with parchment paper with the edges sticking out on either side, to easily remove the Rice Krispie Treats later.


2. To prepare, in a large mixing bowl, pour in your rice krispie cereal and crushed up Meringue Bars.


3. In a separate, small bowl, combine your spices and stir till they’re well mixed. Add your almond butter, honey, vanilla and molasses, and stir till well combined. 


4. Pour your wet ingredients over your rice krispie cereal and stir together well, until all of the cereal is well covered with the mixture.


5. Pour your gingerbread rice krispies into your pan and spread them evenly across your pan, so the top is smooth and as flat as possible. We like to use a spatula to spread the rice krispies around, and if your spatula sticks too much you can spray it with non-stick spray.


6. Melt white chocolate in a microwave and drizzle over the top.


7. Place your gingerbread rice krispie treats into your fridge and let them cool for at least an hour. Remove from your fridge, take your gingerbread rice krispie treats out with the edges of your parchment paper, and cut them into 12 bars.

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